Beginning Teaching and Beyond

Beginning Teaching and Beyond

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Beginning Teaching and Beyond is a text for all student-teachers and for experienced teachers and principals who want to become effective and to renew or revitalise their teaching. The text, which is divided into three parts, addresses these major questions: – Part One: How might student-teachers prepare for teaching practice? – Part Two: What approaches can student-teachers, experienced teachers and principals take to become more effective at teaching through self-improvement? – Part Three: In what ways, and to what extent can research in teaching inform and improve classroom practice? Students will become engaged in the process of teacher self-improvement as they develop first the competence to cope with their early teaching practice periods and then strive for higher level of effectiveness preparatory to their long-term teaching practice or initial teaching appointments. For those beyond their initial teaching appointment, sections about teacher renewal, reflective teaching and action research will be of particular relevance.

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