Blender Girl, The

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On her wildly popular recipe blog, Tess Masters (aka, The Blender Girl), shares easy plant-based recipes anyone can whip up fast in a blender. In The Blender Girl, Tess offers healthy whole-food concoctions that rely on natural flavours and sweeteners; all are gluten-free and many are also dairy-, egg-, nut-, soy-, and corn-free. Recipes for drinks, smoothies, and soups are a given, but this surprisingly versatile collection also includes dishes with a blended component, including appetisers, snacks, salads, and desserts; staples like sauces, spreads, and condiments; plus details on sprouting, food combining, acid versus alkaline, live foods, and more. The “sneak your veggies in” tomato sauce turns pizza into a nutritious meal, and the sweet kale shake that tastes like pistachio ice cream makes green-o-phobes beg for more in this deliciously healthy and s’blended guide.

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