DOSE Vitality Tonic

DOSE Vitality Tonic 50ml

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A traditional Qi tonic, designed to restore the body's energy systems, support healthy cognitive function and improve resistance to stress.

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DOSE, the first liquid tonic for men and women from Australia’s favourite herb nerd, Reece Carter.

Forget coffee jitters and sugar rushes. They’re temporary energy hits, giving you a brief buzz before you topple head-first into a crash.

DOSE changes that. It meets your immediate energy needs whilst also replenishing stores for the future. It’s Reece’s answer to the declining wellness levels fueled by hectic modern lifestyles. It was created with a vision to restore vitality and invigorate natural energy pathways, all while respecting the body’s natural rhythms.

And all that without caffeine or added sugars.

Weight12 g
Dimensions12 x 4 x 4 cm


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