Himalayan Salt Lamp Fairy Light

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What a great Price!! The Himalayan Crystal Salt Fairylight is popular for children’s rooms & nursery’s. Approximately weighing 1.5kg & standing at 14cm with no base, comes with a cord and globe.

Salt lamps are famous for emitting negative ions that are essential for health and well being, counteracting the damaging effects of todays technology.

Create a positive mood and high energy atmosphere.

Lamp comes with a 15w bulb and electric plug in cord. Special care instructions come inside the box.

Each lamp is an individual shape and might be different to display image. You can contact us either by email brisbane.bookstore@endeavour.edu.au or phone 07 3253 9525 if you would like more information on the appearance of the lamp (e.g. shape and depth of colour).

Weight2125 g
Dimensions16 x 11 x 11 cm


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