Make Peace With Your Plate

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In Make Peace With Your Plate, Jessica Ainscough recounts her personal transformation from self-confessed party-girl and cancer patient to wellness warrior. The former editor of Dolly online had her life turned upside down at the age of 22, when she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, epithelioid sarcoma. Told that her only option was to amputate her arm and that even then, this would only prolong her life by a couple of years, she set about learning everything she could about alternative cancer treatments. Six years on, following a complete change in lifestyle, diet and mindset, she is now cancer free. As part of her healing journey, Jess started a blog,, which has since become one of the highest-ranking health websites in Australia. The popularity of the site has grown so much that it now allows Jess to share her message of healthy eating and lifestyle full-time. Building on all that she has learned to date about health and wellness, Jess now shares her simple philosophy that can put an end to the torturous relationship we have with ourselves, including: what foods our body wants us to put in, and which ones it does not even consider to be foods, which foods can contribute to weight gain, bad skin and bitchy emotions, and which ones will lead to a body that is gorgeous and healthy and a mind that is clear and happy, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term, without deprivation, the non-food elements that could be contributing to weight/skin/health/happiness problems and daily practices that help keep us focused on maintaining optimum health. Jess’s honest, informative and insightful story gives the reader all they need to help them make the best choices about their personal health and wellness.

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