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Native Holistic Sage Spray 100ml

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This beautiful spray mist can be used for clearing and cleansing spaces and aura’s. The Native Holistic range has been created by an Endeavour College of Natural Health naturopathy student.


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This beautiful spray mist can be used for clearing and cleansing spaces and aura’s. Use before meditation, clearing and setting, awakening spirituality, grief, anxiety, fear, when setting intentions for the day or whenever you feel the need to smudge. The Sage mist is made with essential oils blended with the vital essences of flowers and infused with quartz crystals.

Set your intentions loud and clear.

The emotional properties of The Sage mist:

Sage: Assists with anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion, fear, loneliness and stress

Rosemary: Assists with fatigue exhaustion and burnout, confidence, memory and concentration

Cedarwood: Assists with anxiety, fear and insecurity

Lavender: Assists with anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks and stress

Bush Iris: Awakening of spirituality, clearing blocks in the base chakra and trust centre

Bauhinia: Acceptance, open-mindedness

Himalayan salt: Cleansing, purification, psychic clearing, opening the heart, activating psychic abilities

Quartz: Soul cleanser and purifying, quartz crystals are in the bottle infusing that every time you shake the bottle they spread there magic. I have also charged all the crystals under the full moon and only make up the orders on demand so they are fresh and pure.

Directions: spray 1-2 sprays around your body or space . After spraying, invoke a personal intention or simply call in love and light into the space.

Distilled water, 100 proof Vodka, Lavender oil, Cedar wood oil, Clary sage oil, Rosemary oil , Bush Iris flower essence, Bauhinia Flower essence, Himalayan salt, Infused with Quartz crystals

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and sunlight. We don’t use emulsifying agents so the oil will sit at the top. Native Holistic uses 100 percent vodka to preserve our mists giving them a longer use by date. Please shake well before every use.


Weight250 g
Dimensions11 x 5 x 2 cm
Authentic Wisdom Sizes

100ml, 30ml, 50ml


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