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Native Holistics Indigo Child Perfume

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Invoke your inner child and see life through the lens of an indigo child – conscious and present, playful and curious. The Native Holistic range has been created by an Endeavour College of Natural Health naturopathy student.


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Indigo Child Perfume (15ml)

Invoke your inner child and see life through the lens of an indigo child.

This fragrant and fresh scent is intoxicating and playful. This all natural vegan perfume oil is made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices blended with flower essences, dried organic flowers and plant based oils.

We recommend to apply 2-3 drops on pulse points whenever you feel the need and a little goes a long way!

The emotional properties of Indigo Child:

Orange oil: assists with anger, confidence, depression, fear, happiness, peace and stress

Frankincense oil: assists with Anxiety, depression, fatigue exhaustion and burnout, fear, grief, happiness and peace, insecurity, loneliness, panic and panic attacks and stress

Sandalwood oil:  Anxiety, depression, exhaustion and burnout, fear, grief, irritability and stress

Angelsword: spiritual discernment, clear spiritual communication

Lavender: Assists with anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks and stress

Bush Iris: Awakening of spirituality, clearing blocks in the base chakra and trust centre

INGREDIENTS: Grape seed oil, Jojoba oil, Lavender oil, Orange oil, Frankincense oil, Sandalwood oil, Vitamin E oil, Bush Iris & Angelsword flower essences , Dried Organic Rose & Lavender petals, Rosemary extract.

Weight250 g
Dimensions11 x 5 x 2 cm
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100ml, 30ml, 50ml


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