Study Success Pack

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Transform your study space! Pack contains 1 x 2-3kg Himilayan Salt Lamp, 1 x loose leaf Scholars Blend Tea by Southern Light Herbs, 1 x Cognis Essence by Australian Bush Flower Essences and 1 x ‘Study Kit’ Crystals pack.

  • Salt lamps are famous for emitting negative ions that are essential for health and wellbeing, counteracting the damaging effects of today’s technology.
  • Scholars Blend Tea contains Sage, Rosemary, Scullcap, Melissa and Peppermint.
  • Cognis essence assists in achieving clarity and focus for work and study, and contains a vibrational infusion of Bush Fuchsia, Isopogon, Jacaranda, Paw Paw and Sundew.
  • ‘Study Kit’ contains 5 crystal stones – Flourite for improving focus and decision making, Sodalite for stimulating the intellect, Clear Quartz for bringing clarity adn eliminating confusion, Sapphire for mental agility and discipline and Ametrine for increasing memory retention.

Free shipping is available for this product!
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Weight1000 g
Dimensions20 x 20 x 20 cm


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